locked Last call for Huntington Bike tour

Ken Kobetitsch KD2GXL

All Members and Reserve Members

On Sunday July 10th Huntington Bike club is having their 40th Gold coast Bike tour.  In the past Nassau ARES has supported this event.  Before committing to the event, I wanted to ensure we would have enough volunteers to undertake the event.  For those not familiar with the event, there are several routes consisting of different mileage (12,25,45,62 and 100 mile rides) and different start times.  There are two rest stop areas, one east and the other west, approximately 4 SAG vehicles (using APRS) to support cyclist unable to continue or who have a mechanical breakdown that can not be fixed).   
The post we need to cover would be the rest stop areas, SAG Vehicles, strategic posts that provide maximum visual coverage of the course(s). Start times  0700 hours and 0815 hours and the event runs to about 1400 hours.
Obviously the Elephant in the room is the SAG Vehicles. If we are unable to provide volunteers to ride in those Vehicles, our presence there is not productive for either party. I have some coverage but we need more to operate.

I am asking EVERYONE (unless to previously responded) to reply to kenkobet@... (and not in this thread) with your availability  AND  if you would be willing to ride in a SAG vehicle or not.  I need responses so I know you received this email. Any time you can provide if even for only a few hours, we can mix and match post coverage.

Please reply by Friday June 24th.